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Child car seats and taxis

Even if you are planning a vacation without a car for your family, it is likely that at some point you will need to take a taxi. So, you are probably wondering: what are a car seat and a taxi?

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about a car seat in a taxi. You will find out:

  • Why should you take a car seat in a taxi?
  • What’s the best car seat for taxi rides?
  • How to arrange a cab with a car seat?

Why should you take a car seat in a taxi?

In most places in the United States, taxis are not subject to car seat laws. But there is no magic protective bubble around taxis – even in new York, there are critical or fatal accidents every month.

Many parents who live in or visit major cities don’t think about their choices or the potential dangers of driving their children in a taxi without a car seat. What are the most common unsafe errors?

  • Parents fasten a baby with straps in the carrier (when traveling in a taxi).
  • When getting into a taxi with a baby, parents put the child on their lap and “double belt”, wrapping them both with a seat belt.
  • When using a taxi with children of preschool or primary school age, parents allow them to use a regular seat belt without an additional seat.

None of these options are safe. The consequences can be horrific and can potentially range from serious injury or death. Babies may be crushed by their parents or pushed into the front seat.  Children who are too small for seat belts may suffer from “seat belt syndrome”. It damages their internal organs and spine.

In some European countries, children are required to use a car seat in a taxi. Sometimes it depends on the distance of the trip. You may even be lucky enough to meet taxis that have car seats! If possible, they can be arranged through the taxi company’s apps. I recommend that you do some research before you leave. Find the taxi app and download it to view your options before you travel.

What’s the best car seat for taxi rides?


Fortunately, there are plenty of awesome lightweight car seats for travel and even folding car seats that are easy to bring with you for flights or a day in the city. If you are riding in a taxi with a baby, it’s hard to beat the Doona infant car seat as the perfect baby seat for a taxi! Whatever you end up choosing, it’s always prudent to bring a portable car seat for taxi rides to keep your child safe.

Taxi drivers can get impatient with parents installing their car seats. One trick is to leave the car door open until you’re done installing the car seat and buckling your child in. You can be pretty sure no one is going to drive off until all of the doors are closed! Learn how to install your car seat quickly.

Make sure you have practiced multiple ways to install your car seat. While LATCH might be most convenient, sometimes it’s not available in every seating position (or at all in some countries). Get comfortable installing your car seat with a seatbelt as well, just in case. If you’re leaving the US you may encounter seatbelts that don’t lock when you pull them all the way out, so bring a locking clip and learn how to use it.

If you have multiple kids in car seats and the driver’s seat is all the way back, don’t be sheepish about asking him to slide forward if possible. Whether you’re installing a car seat or not, everyone deserves a leg room!

What’s the best mobile car seat for a taxi?

Doona infant car seat (birth – 1-year-old)

Combi Coccoro or Cosco Scenera NEXT DLX convertible car seats (1 – 2 years old)

Wayb Pico (2 – 4 years old)

Ride Safer Travel Vest (4 – 6 years old)

Bubblebum Inflatable Booster Seat (6+ years old)

Especially for families with older kids, the Ride Safer travel vest and Bubblebum are lightweight and easy to throw in a day backpack! There’s no reason not to bring one of those with you to have for spur-of-the-moment rides.

How to arrange a cab with a car seat?

Well, what if you really don’t want to take a car seat with you? You have several options.

Uber car seat: if you are in New York, Washington, Philadelphia, or Orlando, you can order a car with the forward-facing car seat! They are really intended for children from 2 years old (especially in New York and Pennsylvania, where it is allowed to use rear-facing seats until 2 years).

Welcome Pickups: Welcome Pickups is a worldwide car service that provides car seats of the appropriate age upon request. They offer services on all continents except Antarctica!

Local taxi companies and car services. There are many excellent independent car services and local taxi companies around the world that offer taxis with car seats. For example, you can order a taxi with car seat options from G7 in Paris and Shebah in Australia.

Taxi car seat FAQs


Do you need a car seat in a taxi?

While it’s legal in some places to take children in a taxi without a car seat, it is extremely unsafe. Taxi accidents happen and the physics are the same as in any other car.

Do taxis have car seats?

You’ll sometimes find cabs with car seats (especially in northern Europe), but that’s the exception rather than the rule unless you’ve pre-arranged a taxi child seat when you booked your ride.

What is the best car seat for taxi travel?

Every family has unique needs, but here are some of the best car seats for taxis by age:

–Doona infant car seat (birth – 1-year-old)

–Combi Coccoro or Cosco Scenera NEXT DLX convertible car seats (1 – 2 years old)

–Wayb Pico (2 – 4 years old)

–Ride Safer Travel Vest (4 – 6 years old)

–Bubblebum Inflatable Booster Seat (6+ years old)

What’s the best infant car seat for taxis?

Every child seat can be installed using the seatbelt alone, sometimes with a locking clip if you’re traveling outside of the United States and Canada. It’s very convenient to travel with a lightweight infant car seat and a compatible stroller.

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