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When shopping for a child car seat, keep these tips in mind.

No one seat is the “best” or “safest”

The best seat is the one that fits your child’s size, is correctly installed, fits well in your vehicle, and is used properly every time you drive.

Car seats for the littles. Weight matters!

Many parents base their choices only on the child’s age, but it is wrong. To make the correct choice, you need to know the weight and the height of the baby. Therefore we recommend you to make all the necessary measurements before making a purchase.

Attention to the straps!

Comfortable straps guarantee a comfortable ride and guarantee safety. It is especially important to check the retainers so that they do not rub anywhere. The buckle lock that connects all belts must have a cloth pad, wide and sufficiently elastic. It is desirable to have a lock so that the child is not able to undo the lock while driving.

Side protection

The seat should be provided with side protection of the head, neck and shoulders. In a side-impact, it protects against severe injuries.

A solid frame

In case of an accident, the seat has a huge load, so it is very important that its frame is strong. Metal frames are considered the most reliable, but they significantly weigh down the weight of the seat. If you buy a car seat with a plastic frame, make sure that it is primary plastic, it is more durable.

Which product to choose: new or used?

Many parents are considered buying a used car seat to save money. And, indeed, it is a great opportunity to significantly reduce the purchase budget. But is it worth saving on the safety of your own child? Experts do not recommend buying a used child seat for several reasons:

Not perfect condition

If you decide to buy a used child seat, you should be ready for the fact that it may have a rather shabby appearance. Such a thing is not always operated carefully.

Hidden defects

The seller can hide the presence of any defects or breakdowns that you will find already in the process of using. A child seat can be sold after having suffered an accident. But according to the safety rules, in this case, it must be disposed of.

Health hazard

If the child has a tendency to allergies, the risk of its exacerbation increases, because the former owners could have animals.

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